The zephyr is a percussion instrument made of suspended aluminum tubes. The tubes are suspended along with a wood block that can touch the tubes when they or another wind-catching surface is blown by the natural movement of air outside. They are usually hung outside a building or home as a visual and auditory garden ornament. Since percussion instruments are struck according to the random effects of the wind blowing on them, wind chimes are considered an example of coincidence-based music. The pipes can create simple melodies or broken chords through the random movement of air.

  1. The aluminum tubing is cut to the correct length with a tube cutter on the millimeter. To measure the correct length of the aluminum tubing, and the location of the suspension points, we rely on a calculation tool.

A sound sculpture is a sculpture or structure that produces sound. The sound arises from the mechanical action of the sound sculpture or because it is driven externally, for example by environmental influences (wind, sunlight, etc.) or electrically.

Zephyr was the Greek god of the west wind, which was considered the mildest wind, especially compared to the colder north wind, Boreas. The warm west wind brought the spring season. Even today, the god’s name means a warm and light breeze.


Why should we not recognize in the lightning, the thunder, and the storm wind, the approach of an overwhelming Power, and in the scent of flowers and the gently rustling zephyr the presence of a Being full of love?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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