Thanks to the law of resonance, we know that everything in the Universe communicates with each other through vibration. All objects and all living beings possess their own vibration, as do all organs and cells in our bodies. By raising the vibration in your organs, cells and everything related to them, you feel, feel finer and more comfortable in your body and things go more smoothly.

Nexus consists of a sound box, a battering pad (upper pad) and a resonance pad (lower pad). A snare mat (made of iron or nylon) (strings) can be pressed onto the resonance skin, causing the small drum to produce a sharp sound. The drum is usually played with drumsticks, but sometimes also with brushes (extendable brushes with several thin metal ends), for example. The tighter the sheet is stretched, the higher the sound of the drum becomes.

Vibration is motion and is expressed in Hertz (Hz). 1 Hz is one vibration in one second. One vibration is a motion from a rest point to a peak, then through the rest point to a valley and back to the rest point. The movement is like a sinus. If this happens in one second then we speak of one hertz, one vibration or motion in one second. A number of vibrations in one second is also called frequency.

An adjustable plastic stand ensures that the instrument can be played by young and old alike.

The Nexus is played with 2 drumsticks fitted with a rubber ball. The sheet can be tightened less or more by tightening the aluminum tubes.

Nexus, comes from the Latin “nectere,” connect: connection (the link) that brings two or more persons or things together. …Percussion sheet and resonance sheet are connected by air vibrations.


The nexus can be used in various formulas:

-music workshops in combination with other instruments.