The gastong exists in 3 different diameters: soprano (24 cm), alto (32 cm) and tenor (40 cm). The soprano and alto are tuned pentatonic (C). The tenor is also tuned in the key of C but is tuned with sequence of chord notes. The gastong is a tongue drum invented and designed by Transit. This particular melodic percussion instrument is the result of a long-term Research & Development program in collaboration with scientists and experts in the metal industry. This project was led by Transit’s own team. Everything was thoroughly studied: the raw material, the cutting process, the assembly and finishing. The result is stunning!

Gastong manages to bring forth its sound as smooth and gentle waves. The perfect tuning process results in a rich harmonic whole. This instrument produces different sounds, entirely depending on the method of playing: by hand or with the sticks provided.

The gastong is a multi-purpose instrument and can be played by both beginners and advanced players. This instrument is certainly also suitable for use in music education.

  1. The alto-gastong is made of metal, has a diameter of 32 cm and weighs about 6 kg. A total of 9 reeds -with different sizes- are cut out. 

Scale drums are musical instruments in the form of a shell made from an alloy. The different metals, including steel, gold, silver and copper, can differ in size, color, wall thickness and composition. In terms of tuning, scale drums are tuned in 440 HZ or 432 Hz. Various tone ranges are also possible. They can be played with hands, fingers and sticks.They are very intuitive to play and are therefore widely used in music and sound therapy treatments.

2. A sound hole is provided on the back of the gastong with a diameter of about 15 cm. Through this opening, magnets can be attached to the tongues to possibly lower by a semitone.

3. The alto gastong is tuned pentatonic and in 440 Hz. This allows it to be played in combination with a traditional instrumentation.

Pentatonic or pentatonic music is a musical and cultural expression of ancient civilizations; it has its origins in ancient Egypt and ancient China. People were then highly open to the influence and workings of the world of the gods, and communication with the higher was done in music with wide intervals. This width was experienced at the time as breathing room. This kind of music has since grown with humanity, as it were, and can still be heard all over the world today.


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The gastongs can be used in various formulas:

-music workshops in combination with other instruments.


Prices and reservations for purchase, construction and workshops can be found here.