Break strike

  there everything

is                               FLAT

again violins cello basses copper triangle
drums   PAUSE
rampage   run   rampage  run   rampage  run   

drama in full battle whores snakes throw themselves
on honest men
the family staggers
the factory staggers
the      honour      staggers       there      lies
all        understandings         FALL

H A L T!

A spectrum consists of small hand drums that usually hang together in pairs (or threes) and are played together.

The sound of spectrums is influenced by many factors. The most important elements that determine the sound are:

– The tension of the drumhead
– The way of playing

The first factor is the tension of the skin. The tighter the tension of the sheet is, the higher the spectrum sounds. In addition, the smaller the diameter of the sheet, the higher the sound of the spectrum. The spectrums are always matched.

In addition, the sound is determined by the way it is played. For example, spectrums can be played with sticks, but usually they are played by hand. Thereby, a flat hand stroke sounds different from a slightly curved hand stroke. Furthermore, spectrums can be played with the whole hand, the palm of the hand or just the fingertips. Finally, where you strike the spectrums determines the sound. If you play the spectrums on the edge of the rim, it gives a higher and brighter sound than if you play the spectrums in the middle of the rim.

The instrument is played with sticks, hands or fingers. A harness or sling ensures the ease of handling.

2 cylinder tubes of 12.5 cm and 16 cm are attached to each other and fastened in front of the body with a belt or harness. The aluminum tubes provide a distinct tuning.

The instrument owes its name to the fact that it covers a broad spectrum of sounds: the combination of drums helps to produce quite low and high notes. Further, spectrum refers to speakdrum; speaking drum. The spectrum is a type of drum that, by imitating the rhythm and pitch of words in languages, can be used as a means of communication.


The spectrum can be used in various formulas:

-music workshops in combination with other instruments.