The smartshaker is an idiophone. The instrument consists of 3 wooden panels of plywood glued together. The middle panel was cut out with the laser cutter. Steelshots were poured into this space. The volume of the steelshots varies from 0.5 mm to 2.3 mm. The smartshaker can be played in different ways: shaken, with the fingers or with a drum piece with felt hammer. Also, it can be placed on a sheet of myringa, The vibrations of the drum set the stemshots in motion. The variant of the smartshaker is the padshaker. The padshaker reproduces the sound of the ocean. The larger the surface, the richer the sound. This instrument is widely used in sound meditations.

  1. The smartshaker has a length of 12 cm by 7 cm and weighs about 300 grams making it very easy to handle. The smartshakers can be played with both hands.

Plywood is a board constructed from an uneven number of wood veneer layers glued together crosswise. Originally, plywood was made from birch wood, and later oak and mahogany were also used. Another commonly used type of wood is okoumé. There are various types of plywood, depending on the application. Already hundreds of years before Christ, the Egyptians and Chinese were manufacturing veneer, which was glued into plywood. In the 17th and 18th centuries, a thick form of veneer was used in the furniture industry.

Shakers come in many different shapes and sizes and get their name from the movements you make with the instrument. Inside the shaker are seeds or pebbles that make sounds when the shaker is set in motion. There are large shakers and small shakers and can also vary in shape, such as a cube or cylinder shape. This also helps determine the sound of the shaker. Shakers are usually played by hand but can also be played, for example, with a stick. There are also shakers that you tie around your fingers and make sound by the movement you make with your hands. Shakers are used to give the music an extra boost and can be used in almost all styles of music.


2. Plywood allows smartshakers to be modify. With an engraving pen, which allows you to burn into wood as well as engrave, you can edit plywood. You can write names, engrave decorative drawings, write text, place images and decorate.


The shakers can be used in various formulas:

-music workshops in combination with other instruments.


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