Taurus, just northwest of Orion, is a striking northern constellation with two of the largest star clusters we can see: Hyades as well as the Pleiades. From the time of the Chaldeans, a 5,000 years ago, this constellation has been seen as a bull.

The Taurom is a cylinder drum about 30 cm high and 110 mm or 125 mm in diameter. The name Taurom refers to the leather which was originally used as the beating skin. Currently, PVC cover sheet is used. This sheet is stretched by a nylon cord and aluminum tubes. The drumstick is made of fiberglass and has a length of about 25 cm. The Taurom is played with the strong hand. The support hand goes through the leather strap. A unique sound can be produced with the fingers of the left hand.

The main group of instruments where a drumhead is the source of sound are the cylinder drums.

These instruments are, in all probability, also among the oldest of all instruments. Evidence has been found in art, which shows, that drums already existed at least 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia and Egypt.
Cylinder drums used to be important for giving signals during battles and are also popular for accompanying song and dance.
Since the 18th century, drums have also been incorporated into Western orchestras.

  1. The leather strap allows for easy handling of the Taurom and allows certain movements to be performed.Through a wing nut, the length is adjustable so that it can be customized

 2. A sleeve tube is fronted for the drumstick. The outside of the sleeve tube has cross-holes along its entire length. Moving the stick over these at different speeds creates a rasping sound.

Bulls have been revered since ancient times as a symbol of strength and fertility, and they appear in numerous myths. The ancient Egyptians revered Apis, the Bull of Memphis, a real bull considered an incarnation of Osiris. The Israelites revered the Golden Calf. Winged bulls were sculpted at the gates of Assyrian palaces.