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At this stage, 25 or so holes are drilled in the PVC pipe. On the one hand, these holes have the function of threading the stretcher rope. On the other hand, a number of holes are used to attach attributes.

The necessary points are marked on the template, corresponding to the location where the holes are drilled. The correct application of the template with tape is very important. It simplifies the next steps in the process. Drilling the holes is then done correctly and smoothly. Finally, the holes are deburred.


Make sure the speed of your multitool is adjusted properly.


Pay attention to drilling out the holes. It facilitates the insertion of the string afterwards.



 Pipe Multitool
Template Scissors
    Abrasive paper



Let’s quickly go through some important tips to make this process as easy and safe as possible.


1.Watch the photos + additional explanations carefully in advance so that you can get a perfect idea of the steps provided and the end result.

2.Make sure you have all the necessary materials and tools beforehand. Use the multitool correctly.
Adjust the right speed beforehand.

  1. It is best to work in pairs. For certain operations you will need additional support:
  2. Placing the template on the PVC pipe is much easier if you work with 2.
  3. Drilling the locating hole: it is not easy to drill the holes nice and straight without fixing the pipe.




It is best to set the speed of the multitool as high as possible.

1. Applying the template

  1. The PVC pipe was cut to size, cleaned and deburred. The height of the pipe is about 25 cm.

2. We start as in the first stage to apply the template. Both in height and full circumference, the template fits perfectly around the tube.

Afval van betonplex is gebruikt als basis. Betonplex is een plaatmateriaal dat is afgewerkt met een coating die zorgt voor een harde en waterdichte bovenlaag. Betonplex is een zeer sterk houten plaatmateriaal dat voornamelijk gebruikt wordt voor bekistingen bij het beton storten. Daarnaast kan je betonplex ook gebruiken voor onder andere aanhangwagens, dierenhokken en glijbanen.

3.Make sure the template fits nicely. Then apply the adhesive tape to connect both sides of the template.

4. The bottom and top of the template are also glued to the PVC pipe. The template is now firmly attached and cannot move under any circumstances.

5. All preparations have been made: ready for the next step!

1. Use the right drill

If you are going to drill PVC, it is best to use a metal drill. This basically applies to all types of plastic.

2. Drill at the right speed

The rule when drilling PVC is to take into account the speed of the drill bit. The thicker or harder the PVC, the higher you set the speed of the drill. This will prevent the drill from getting too hot.

3. Avoid slipping

On a surface as smooth as PVC, your drill bit can easily slip off and you drill the hole in the wrong place. To avoid this, poke a small hole in the pipe before drilling. This is usually done using an awl or alder – driven into the pipe by a hammer blow.

4. Posture

Hold the multitool firmly in your hand and drill straight into the PVC pipe.

5. Let the drill do the work

Place the drill straight to the PVC pipe and immediately run it at high speed. Do not apply too much pressure, but let the drill do the work. While drilling, regularly pull the auger out of the hole to remove heat and chips.

2. Drilling of clamping holes

  1. Place the PVC pipe upright. Run the multitool at full speed (approx. 30,000 rpm). Keep the tool horizontal and drill the holes where the attributes will be attached.

2. Tilt the PVC pipe so that the locating holes are at a comfortable height while drilling. While drilling these 16 holes, periodically pull the drill out of the hole to remove heat and chips.

3. It may help to lay the PVC pipe down and drill vertically. Make sure you hold the PVC pipe firmly.

4. After drilling, you can permanently remove the template and tape.

5.Before proceeding to the next step in the process, you can use sandpaper or a sponge to sand over the drilled holes on the inside and outside so that all the burrs present are removed.

We gaan naar ons beginpunt. Dus het touweinde waar we een knoop in gemaakt hebben. Je gaat nu naar de buitenkant van de buis en volgt het touw neerwaarts tot het eerste aluminiumbuisje. Je volgt verder omhoog en ongeveer halverwege het opwaartse deel trek je het touw aan zodat het eerste deel strak aangespannen wordt en vel lichtjes opwaarts komt.