Te voorzien:

  1. ruim lokaal met tafels. Tafels in kringopstelling met 1 tafel centraal voor docent.
  2. pc en beamer + internetaansluiting
  3. Voldoende begeleiding om leerlingen te ondersteunen..

Duur  montage: ca. 1 uur.

At this stage, grommets are inserted into the drumhead. The polyester thread is fixed and the frowns of the sheet are removed.

On the template, the necessary points are marked corresponding to the location where the holes will be drilled. The correct application of the template with adhesive tape is very important. It simplifies the next steps in the process. Drilling the holes is done correctly and smoothly afterwards. Finally, the holes are deburred.

DSCF5639 copy

The PVC pipes are pre-sorted according to diameter: 110/125 mm


Pay due attention to drilling out the holes. It facilitates the insertion of the string afterwards.


PVC tarpaulin Template
Polyester wire Scissors

Let’s quickly go through some important tips to make this process as easy and safe as possible.

1.Look carefully at the photos + additional explanations beforehand so that you can get a perfect idea of the steps provided and the end result.
2.Make sure you have all the necessary materials and tools in advance. Use the tools correctly. Manuals are available for this.

For certain actions you will need additional support:
1. Drawing off the template correctly is difficult without someone holding it.

2. Cutting the pipe: it is not easy to cut a PVC pipe without fixing it.


1. Placing the grommets

1. We take the perforated drumhead and take a grommet. We insert the grommet along the top of the sheet through one of the 8 holes of inner circle.

2. We put the drumhead back down on the table. The sail ring is clearly visible.

3. We take the polyester wire, take the centre of the wire between the hole of the grommet and the corresponding hole of the outer ring.

4. We fold the batting sheet and pass the hole of the outer ring through the grommet and press firmly.

5. We open the stamp clamp and place the sail ring on the stamp.

6. Slide an eyelet over the sail ring.

7. We close the grommet clip. Check that the upper part of the stamp sits nicely in the grommet.

8. We give a dry tap with the hammer on the rubber strike plate at the top of the grommet clamp.

9. The desired end result looks like this! On to the next holes…

10. Position the second grommet opposite the first grommet. Repeat the procedure (steps 1-9). Slightly shift the polyester wire so that it is in the same position as shown.

11. The next two grommets are placed as shown in the picture. Make sure the polyester thread is crossed.

12. This procedure is repeated for the remaining grommets. The polyester thread will not be shortened for now, but can be slid between the frowns of the batting sheet.


A grommet consists of 2 parts pressed together through a pre-perforated hole in a piece of fabric. Rings are installed quickly and easily, but require the use of a special punch. They are made of metal, plastic or rubber and are used to prevent the punctured material from tearing or chafing Rings are typically used to reinforce holes in leather, cloth, shoes, canvas and other fabrics.Typical applications include footwear for boot and shoe laces, in banners, shower curtains and other household items.

2. Elimination of frowning

1. The frown of the beating sheet prevents the sheet from fitting nicely to the PVC pipe and consequently the sheet cannot be tightened properly.

2. We take a frown between thumb and forefinger of one hand and cut the frown with other hand as short as possible against the drumhead.

3. This is repeated a total of 7 times.

4. The final result looks like this. On to the next step…