The penultimate stage of the process involves shaping the attributes: the mantela or rasp, the leather handle and the aluminium clamping tubes.

The Taurom features a leather handle. This allows the instrument to be handled smoothly and allows certain movements. The handle can be adjusted to size.
To create such a handle, we use leather waste from salons or car interiors. The leather strap is cut to size according to the template. The necessary holes are made and grommets fitted.

The Taurom is stretched manually using a nylon cord.

8 clamping tubes made of aluminium provide additional clamping possibilities. These tubes have a length of approx. 2 cm. A pipe cutter is used to cut the aluminium tube to size.
The mantela is made of PVC and has 2 functions: on the one hand it is a stick holder and on the other hand it produces the sound of a grater. The mantela tube is cut to size and the necessary attachment points are provided. Finally, a cork is fitted.



The leather handle is cut to size and fitted with grommets.


The aluminium clamping tubes are cut to size with a pipe cutter.


The jacket pipe is cut to size, fixing holes are drilled and a cork is attached to the underside.


breekmes groot

1.Cutter Knife 2. Sail ring clip 3. Coin 5 cents 4. Alder 5 Cross screwdriver 6. Scissors 7 Multitool 8. Glue stick 9. Pipe cutter 10. Hammer.


RR_WineCellar_Element (22)

1.Aluminium tube 2. Leather sheet 3. Casing tube 4. Cork 5 Wood screw 6. Template