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  1. ruim lokaal met tafels. Tafels in kringopstelling met 1 tafel centraal voor docent.
  2. pc en beamer + internetaansluiting
  3. Voldoende begeleiding om leerlingen te ondersteunen..

Duur  montage: ca. 1 uur.

At this stage, the cover sheet is cut to size and the tension holes are marked and punched.

The sheet of the Taurom is very decisive for the quality of the sound. It is extremely important to be able to tension the sheet properly. 8 holes are provided to tension the sail in an even manner. The tension holes are located at regular intervals, in an inner and outer circle one distinguishes 8 holes each.

We use a Plexiglas template to mark the outlines of the tarpaulin. A total of 16 points are thus marked and punched using an alder or awl.

Advertising banners are usually very colourful. The colour, possible images, letters determine the final result of your Taurom.

PVC-dekzeil wordt gecontroleerd en interessante designs worden geselecteerd.

PVC banners are checked in advance. Striking prints are reserved for the big drums.


The tarpaulin is then cut and trimmed into smaller sections.


 Drumhead Tarpaulin ring clamp
 Template Scissors

Tips & tricks

Let’s quickly go through some important tips to make this process as easy and safe as possible.

1.Watch the photos + additional explanations carefully in advance so that you can get a perfect idea of the steps provided and the end result

Make sure you have all the necessary materials and tools in advance. Use the tools correctly. Manuals are available for this.

3. Make sure you make a conscious choice of the print of the drumhead. Think about the colours, the combination with the drum.

4. Have a good look beforehand at how grommets work. What are the functions of the different parts? Use this material correctly.

1. Cut the tarpaulin to size

1. Take the template and lay it on your tarpaulin. Use your pen to follow the outline of the stencil and carefully mark everything. It is extremely important to press the template firmly so that it does not move.

3. If you choose the printed front side, lay the tarpaulin with this side on the table. On the white back of the tarpaulin, mark the 16 holes.

2. Carefully cut out the sheet according to the outline drawn. Next, decide which side of the drumhead seems most suitable for you. The white back or the printed front.

4. This is the intended final result. Ready for the next step?


It is a matter of working carefully. Alternate regularly with your partner.

The grommet clamp is specially designed for the manufacture of the Taurom. With this device, you can easily attach eyelets and the corresponding eyelets manually. The grommet clamp has several functions: besides setting eyelets, you can also use the clamp to perforate the tarpaulin. In short, it is an indispensable machine that you will enjoy working with.

Click on the pictures below for additional information.

2. Punching the holes

1.We take the drumhead and place it on the grommet clips. The marked points are at the top. With the finger, we gently rub the sheet and look for the underlying punch hole.

2.From the moment we are sure the drumhead is in the right place, we take the alder. We press the tip of the alder firmly so that the alder passes through the drumhead in one movement.

3. From the moment we are through the sheet, pick up the drumhead and rotate the alder several times.

It is certainly not necessary to put a lot of force on the alder. A simple pressing movement will get you through the skin.. 

4. This is the intended result for the first hole. Now a matter of repeating this for the remaining 15 holes.

5. You can repeat this operation for the remaining 15 holes.

6. The final end result looks like this: 16 punch holes

It helps to have necessary space and room to complete this task solidly..

Percussion sheet and sound


The stop is the first thing you hear when you hit a drumhead, The stop is the stroke, bump, or sharp thud. Thinner tightly stretched drumheads will usually produce a greater stop, although the stop will be reduced if the drumhead is too thick or has too much damping. The coating on a drumhead will also reduce the hit. So the variable is created from a combination of the above factors: thickness, tension, damping and cover layer.

Tone length

The thickness of the drumhead and additional damping affect the length of the tone.

Durability of a drumhead

This is one of the easiest variables to determine: Durability is directly related to the thickness of the drumhead, it’s that simple.


Overtones are the different frequencies you hear when you hit a skin. Note here that overtones are different from the fundamental (which is the main note you tuned the drum to).

The Taurom’s batter has interesting sound characteristics and offers numerous
application possibilities.



1. Preparation:

Tuning the drumhead: the tension of the nylon rope can be changed by moving the tension tubes down or up. The skin can be tuned to a specific pitch.
To tune the drumhead accurately, it is best to install an online tuner on your smartphone.

2. While playing

1.The vibration of the drumhead can be triggered by:-hitting: fingers or drumstick
-rubbing: fingers or nails.

2. While playing, the thumb of the support hand can tighten the sheet by applying pressure at the top. In this way, variation in pitch becomes possible.

Moving the tension tubes up or down changes the tension of the sheet.

The vibration of the drumhead can trigger words by rubbing or beating….

The thumb of the support hand can be used to adjust the pressure on the striking surface.